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Let’s Play IV – Twine


What is Twine? Twine is an online tool that allows you to make text-based games, these games end up being a lot like the Choose your own adventure books of yore. Why would you be interested in Twine? Twine is free and extremely accessible. If you know a bit of html and/or css you can amp up the experience but if you do not know any coding you’ll be just fine! It takes about 15 – 30 minutes to get a good grasp of Twine’s basic functionality. Another reason you may want to use Twine is you want to flex your storytelling muscles or you want your students to flex their storytelling muscles! Storytelling can capture everyday examples of practice and turn them into an opportunity to learn.

Facilitated By

Jamie Drozda

Jamie Drozda

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Jamie enjoys researching and analyzing the effectiveness of current learning technologies and assessing the challenges in adapting new technologies. She strives to address interaction and assessment issues along with integrating technology with classroom pedagogy.

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