New to Moodle Drop Ins

Will you be using Moodle for the first time? If yes, we have resources to help you get familiar with Moodle to set up your course(s). In Moodle, a teacher has responsibility for the materials in their own course(s). Our Moodle Orientation website covers how to edit your courses, how to add assignments and quizzes as well as how to grade and leave feedback! Go to Moodle Orientation at to walk yourself through the tutorials we have created for you. We have arranged times to meet with you virtually to help you set up your Moodle course(s) and answer any questions you may have. Join our Learning Technology and Innovation Team (LTI) at

Facilitated By

Jamie Drozda

Jamie Drozda

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Jamie enjoys researching and analyzing the effectiveness of current learning technologies and assessing the challenges in adapting new technologies. She strives to address interaction and assessment issues along with integrating technology with classroom pedagogy.

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