Build Back Better


This term, join Brenna from LT&I to talk about how we rebuild the university to be a better, more equitable, and more engaging place for ourselves and our students. In this newest version of our popular lunchtime discussion series, we’ll talk through the process of returning to face-to-face teaching, offering support and concrete strategies for improving practice and guiding students through another complicated period. General topics for each week:

  • Week 1: Accommodations and concessions.
  • Week 2: Building an equitable practice.
  • Week 3: Making space for uncertainty.
  • Week 4: The ultimate flexible course design.
  • Week 5: What do learners want / what do learners need?

Facilitated By

Brenna Clarke Gray

Brenna Clarke Gray

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Brenna’s research interests include the history and future of open tenure processes, scholarly podcasting, and educational technology support as care work. She is powered primarily by righteous indignation and lattes.

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