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WordPress Project Drop-In / Community of Practice Sign-Up


Did you begin a WordPress project and want to keep it going? Do you need to build a website for your research project but don’t know where to start? Are you eager to take your classes outside of Moodle but don’t want to go it alone? Our WordPress Team will meet monthly to check in, answer questions, troubleshoot, and keep you motivated to create the best site you can. We can also help you find additional support or resources as needed. And you can share ideas with each other, too.

In this WordPress Drop In series we will cover:

  • Menus and Organization
  • Themes and Customization
  • Plugins

Facilitated By

Brenna Clarke Gray

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Brenna’s research interests include the history and future of open tenure processes, scholarly podcasting, and educational technology support as care work. She is powered primarily by righteous indignation and lattes.

Melanie Latham

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Melanie enjoys helping faculty navigate the intersection between educational technologies and instructional design. Her passions include online course design, cognitive learning science, and instructional materials design. Outside of work, you will find her crafting something, hiking the trails in and around Kamloops, on a ski hill, or spending time with family.

Brian Lamb

Director, Learning Technology & Innovation

Brian has spent more than twenty years working with instructors and students to use the open web to promote learning, communication and collaboration. He blogs at Abject.

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