Pandemic Teaching Strategies


It’s never easy to balance the needs of students, your desire to provide lots of feedback, and your own workload. Join the LT&I team to talk about how to streamline your grading process using the tools in Moodle and some handy pedagogical strategies for rethinking how you think about feedback (and when it’s most useful to students).

Facilitated By

Brenna Clarke Gray

Brenna Clarke Gray

Coordinator, Educational Technologies

Brenna’s research interests include the history and future of open tenure processes, scholarly podcasting, and educational technology support as care work. She is powered primarily by righteous indignation and lattes.

This semester will be another one like no other (who else misses precedented times?!). Join your friends at LT&I to talk through strategies for (a) accommodating absent students, (b) managing your own classroom presence, (c) reusing your hard work from last year, and (d) maintaining the caring practices you’ve developed. Learn about the technological — and not so technological! — ways to adapt to yet another new normal.

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